Review: Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation

Hi everyone!

In my search for a new foundation, I found out very recently that Kat Von D opened up a stall in the UK in Debenhams- Oxford Street (Bath and Body Works please hurry up!!)

I went to the stall and the first thing that crossed my mind was the tattoo eyeliner, which I did not buy because I’m trying to not overload my makeup set, but I did buy the Lock-It foundation.

I’ve worn it for two days in a row and I have a few observations.

  1. Very impressive coverage. Generally, I love a natural finish, but I think I’m slowly switching.
  2. It does last very long.
  3. It’s perfect for the camera.

However, you need to be very strategic with it. Because of how rich it is, there’s a thin line between cakey and flawless coverage. I’d suggest you start with half a pump, then work your way.

When you blend it, best not to use a foundation brush or a dry beauty blender. A wet beauty blender is key to stop it from flaking during the day because the more moisture, the less likely it is to flake. Either use a fix + spray, or water and coconut oil formula (brilliant for dry skin).

Many would say because it’s creamy, it would be good for people with dry skin. Honestly, as someone with dry skin, I paid extra attention to the driest parts of my face and noticed slight flaking during the day. Today when I wore it, I prepped my skin very well and made sure I had a very moisturised base. Before my serum and moisturiser, I prepped with this essence treatment and my foundation stuck on all day. I also use Smashbox Photo Finish primer as a base and it really does stop the foundation from flaking.

The reason behind it not being ideal for people with dry skin despite it being super creamy is because how fast the product dries on the skin. So be fast and keep your beauty blender wet. Do not rub, gently tap. The more coercive you are on your face, the less you will get out of the foundation because it will just sink into the blender. Its formula also means it’s designed to set itself and absorb oils throughout the day. While that’s good because you don’t need to pile on a layer of powder after the foundation and the oil absorption means the foundation will be more likely to stick, us ladies (and gents) with dry skin need to be careful. Rather than using powder to set the foundation, just wait for a few seconds and allow it to set naturally before proceeding.

Though it isn’t one of my favourite foundations I’ve tried because it requires so much prepping for my skin type, the quality of the foundation is absolutely amazing. This for events or when you have to go on camera because it sits so well. If you’re extremely dry, stay away.

Definitely not something I regret buying, but I just wish I did more research on the product before buying it.

However, Kat Von D, I freaking LOVE you for not testing your products on animals!